Amsterdam 2014: Proceedings – EMMM™ Forum

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EMMM™ Forum: Information Model Workshop

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the first EMMM Forum meeting at Amsterdam was to provide background and discuss the scope of work for the Information Model project. The Information Model is the next component of the Exploration and Mining Reference Framework.


The meeting was held on May 13 from 14:00 and the following items were addressed:

  • A brief introduction to the Exploration and Mining Reference Framework was given and a discussion on the four main components of the framework ensued.
  • The Forum meeting discussed the components of the Framework and the inherent meta-model used in the development of the components.
  • The meeting reviewed the product description for the Information Model
  • There was a discussion about how to engage the Platinum members and mining companies operating within the industry vertical.
  • Contributions:
    • Rio Tinto Iron Ore was thanked for their contribution in the form of an Information Model for rail transport.
    • A request was made for other contributions.

A comment was made regarding the Business Capability map which was recently approved as an Open Group Standard, and the fact that it is the first available end-to-end example of a capability model – so organizations are using this for their capability efforts.

The meeting times were discussed and a decision was made to increase the number of meetings to two a month instead of only one.


  • Reviewed Information Model product description.

Next Steps

  • Upload updated product description