Amsterdam 2014: Proceedings – Healthcare Forum

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Healthcare Forum

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the Healthcare Forum members’ meeting in Amsterdam was to present the newest version of the Forum’s Treatise – setting fourth foundational underpinnings, both conceptual and architectural – and to elicit discussion and feedback that can be presented to the full membership for further refinement of the document. Another objective of the meeting was to gain input from the Norwegian Health Authority. Key members from Norway presented an overview of their country’s single payer system from an Enterprise Architecture point of view. Another objective was to solicit early feedback on marketing and branding the Forum.


The Forum met all day Wednesday, from 9:30 to 17:30. Key topics discussed included:

  • A brief ecosystem-perspective of issues facing stakeholders in the US Healthcare system, provided as background to and motivation for the Treatise under development.
  • Presentation of the Treatise in detail (including the key “person-centered” approach).
  • Analysis and assessment of the assumptions in the Treatise.
  • Discussion of stakeholders and roles that exist in the Healthcare ecosystem.
  • Discussion of the role of “agents” (a device that can produce a “personal observation” or “useful data point”).


The meeting resulted in detailed feedback on the Treatise. Issues discussed included the name of the document, its person-centric reference model, the stakeholders and their value proposition(s), agents and the need to distinguish between consumer and medical products, and the need to keep the Charter at a very high level.

Next Steps

Specific next steps include:

  • Members will be discussing key issues derived from discussion of the Treatise in the working group in Amsterdam. A summary of key issues will be prepared to expedite these discussions. From these discussions a new, revised and refined Treatise will be produced. The Forum is now working with the Boston meeting in sight. The next version of the Treatise will be discussed, drafted, and agreed.
  • Implications for the architecture model to be discussed.
  • White Papers: (1) EA and Healthcare (basic), (2) Challenges in bringing EA into Healthcare (possibly with HIMSS), and (3) Paper with NICT demonstrating best practices around EA and the Norwegian experience.
  • A blog summarizing the plenary talk given by Jeroen Tas will be summarized and put on the Plato page.


Presentations from the members' meeting can be found here.