Amsterdam 2014: Proceedings – Open Platform 3.0™ Forum

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Open Platform 3.0™ Forum

Objective of Meeting

The aims of this meeting were to:

  • Review feedback from the conference sessions on the White Paper and other aspects of the Platform
  • Discuss concepts of Digital Value and their application to the Platform
  • Discuss identity and security aspects of Open Platform 3.0
  • Discuss next steps towards the development of the Platform


The conference session Open Platform 3.0™ – Delivering Value on Tuesday, May 13 had included presentations describing the shape that the Platform is taking and the importance of non-functional aspects, followed by a panel session on the value that the Platform should deliver. The meeting discussed the development of the definition of the Platform, and the way it should be described, in the light of comments made during this session.

Mark Skilton leads an Open Platform 3.0 activity concerned with digital value and with generation and measurement of return on investment (ROI) associated with the Platform. The meeting discussed the state of this activity and how it should be pursued going forward.

The meeting was joined by members of the Security Forum for discussion of security-related aspects. Forum co-chair Stuart Boardman had presented at the European Identity and Cloud conference on Open Platform 3.0 and the identity and security issues needing resolution for its successful establishment. The meeting discussed the reaction to this presentation, and other points of interest arising at the EIC conference. It then proceeded to discuss security issues related to Open Platform 3.0, focusing particularly on the Internet of Things and digital identities for non-human entities.

Finally, the meeting discussed the forward development of the Platform. It first considered the progress of the Big Data activity, in the light of reports from Ken Street, a co-chair of that activity. It then considered other aspects of the Platform development, including the positioning and branding of the Platform, the activities to be undertaken by the Forum, and preparation for the next Open Group quarterly meeting.


The meeting produced no formal outputs other than this report and the detailed minutes (available to Forum members only).

Next Steps

The Open Platform 3.0 Forum will continue development of the Platform in the light of input received from the conference and elsewhere. The White Paper published just prior to the conference explains the current direction. The Forum welcomes input from within and outside The Open Group. Further white papers and snapshot definitions will be published as the development of the Open Platform 3.0 standard proceeds.