Amsterdam 2014: Proceedings – OTTF (Monday)

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The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum (OTTF)

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the Monday member meeting sessions were to provide status updates on and discuss any issues related to the following:

  • O-TTPS Roadmap
  • Global Outreach & Harmonization (GOSH): Status, Strategy, and Prioritization
  • Update on Corrigenda 1.1. Company Review
  • Forum Review of the O-TTPS-to-Common Criteria (CC) Mapping Activities


O-TTPS Roadmap:

The O-TTPS Roadmap was presented and timeframes were discussed

Global Outreach & Harmonization (GOSH): Status, Strategy, and Prioritization:

The GOSH work stream put together several activities for a prioritization exercise to be conducted with the Steering Committee (SC) to determine which outreach activities are of highest priority to be pursued for 2014. The results of the exercise were shared with the SC prior to the meeting and discussed further at the member meeting. There was good discussion on timing for some of the activities and debate on whether some should be postponed or deleted based on suggested filtering criteria. The revised list has been posted to Plato to be further discussed with the GOSH Workstream and the SC

Update on Corrigenda 1.1. Company Review:

An update on the O-TTPS Corrigenda 1.1 Company Review was provided noting that we will likely have completed the review and approvals and have a published version available in mid-June of this year.

Forum Review of the O-TTPS-to-Common Criteria (CC) Mapping Activities:

Last month, the Forum began an informal Forum review of the Open Trusted Technology Provider™ Standard (O-TTPS) Mapping Table of the Common Criteria (CC) Security Assurance Requirements (SARs) to O-TTPS requirements in the O-TTPS Assessment Procedures.

The review began on April 28, 2014 and will end on May 23, 2014. The members discussed and submitted an important Change Request to the Review.


Outputs are described in the descriptions above.

Next Steps

The Roadmap is updated every quarter to reflect any changes that have occurred in the deliverables or the timelines.

The updated Strategy Prioritization Survey will be sent to the SC and the GOSH group next week for further discussion and agreement on what components will move forward.

Once the O-TTPS Company Review is completed and Executive and Governing Board approvals are achieved the standard will be published – target date is mid-June.

Once the Forum review on the O-TTPS-to-CC Mapping Table is complete – the OTTF will proceed with Executive review and request for approvals to publish the supporting document – this will likely be in the August timeframe.

There was also some discussion as to whether we should present the mapping work at the next CC Conference – most people think it is a good idea.