Amsterdam 2014: Proceedings – QLM Work Group

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Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM) Work Group

Objective of Meeting

The aims of this meeting were to:

  • Discuss outstanding points raised in the reviews of the QLM messaging and data format specifications
  • Discuss the further development of QLM
  • Discuss the integration of QLM within the wider Open Platform 3.0™ work


The QLM messaging and data format specifications were undergoing formal Company Review in preparation for publication. A number of points arising from the review were discussed and resolved.

A number of possible future developments are envisaged for QLM, including a Physical Product extension, a Healthcare extension, and specification of how to represent QLM data using the Resource Description Framework (RDF). These were discussed in general terms, but no firm plans were made.

QLM was a separate activity that became part of the new Open Platform 3.0 Forum. The meeting agreed on a number of steps to ensure its effective co-ordination with other Open Platform 3.0 activities.


The meeting produced no formal outputs other than this report and the detailed minutes (available to Forum members only).

Next Steps

The reviews of.the QLM messaging and data format specifications will be completed, and those specifications will be published as Open Group standards.

QLM will be further developed and extended as part of the Open Platform 3.0 work and will contribute particularly to the aspects of the platform related to the Internet of Things.