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This conference will explore how new IT trends are empowering improvements in business. We’ll learn how industry organizations are seeking large-scale transformation and some of the paths they’re taking to realize that. We’ll also explore how cross-organizational collaboration and trends such as big data and cloud computing are helping to make enterprises more responsive and efficient.

Objectives include:

  • Sally Long, The Open GroupShow the need for Boundaryless Information Flow™, which would result in more interoperable, real-time business processes that span throughout all business ecosystems.
  • Provide high-level view of the healthcare ecosystem that identifies entities and stakeholders which must collaborate to enable the vision of Boundaryless Information Flow.
  • Describe how to develop better interoperability and communication across organizational boundaries and pursue global standards for Enterprise Architecture that are highly relevant to all industries.
  • Highlight business use-cases to provide a basis for the identification of architecture patterns, detailed ecosystems, and requirements for Open Platform 3.0™.
  • Explain how Open Platform 3.0 can magnify the business benefits by enabling enterprises to use products and services that work together and enable them to deploy the technologies freely and in combination.

Desired Outcomes

  • Learn how industries in different business sectors have faced transformation and relied on Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF® to manage that process and make it something that’s standardized, understood and repeatable.

  • Understand how standardized messaging and/or collaboration models allow us to facilitate the ability of technology to provide improved value to users

  • Explore the business impact of emerging technologies, in particular, cloud, social, mobile, big data, and the Internet of Things.
  • Identify the current state of IT standards and future opportunities standards which cover the healthcare ecosystem.

Thought leaders at this conference will share how they have been looking at IT trends, capabilities and global interoperability, which will lead to improvement for more responsiveness and efficiency

General Sessions

Monday, July 21

Tuesday, July 22




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