Healthcare Forum Projects

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Healthcare Interoperability

The Open Group Healthcare Forum seeks to advance interoperability to exchange key health and healthcare data. We believe secure information should follow the person in a timely manner, wherever he or she goes for care. When healthcare systems interoperate a great deal more than today their activities will be more efficient and they will create added value. Someday, seeing a clinician about a health concern will be as easy as it is today to call people with different cellular carriers; to exchange information, anywhere, using the Internet; and to conduct financial transactions using ATM cards issued at another bank halfway around the block or halfway around the world. Someday, healthcare providers will be able to get rid of the clipboard ritual.

The Healthcare Forum’s orientation to the interoperability problem is holistic and systems-oriented. Members do not believe IT problems merely require technical solutions. Instead, it draws on multi-dimensional – e.g., business, technical, patient-centered, organizational, workflow – solutions to develop precise and explicit understandings of the interdependence of the key elements of the Healthcare Landscape. This approach is closely aligned with efforts to address the broad goals expressed in the “triple aim” and the “learning healthcare system” and value-based healthcare.

We believe that person-centered, value-based healthcare depends on interoperability. Interoperability enables the flow of information within and across healthcare systems. Information flow based on healthcare system requirements, standards development, and IT implementation systems helps enable actors to produce their core capabilities effectively, error free, and securely.

There is no simple fix – no silver bullet, no technical innovation, no congressional mandate – that can rapidly transform healthcare systems that don’t now share information into fully interoperable ones. We understand the complexity of the task.

Digital Health Solutions Initiative

Digital Health are technologies, solutions and services at the confluence of the consumer-centric and provider-focused digital revolution in healthcare. Digital health, along with the discoveries and innovations in bioinformatics, promise to transform health systems and deliver new services utilizing the fast-growing web of sensors, wearables, and mobile devices along with internet-based technologies in connected care settings.

Digital Health aims to provide a personalized health(care) experience that allows for better prevention of diseases through advanced predictive capabilities and that empowers consumers to participate and drive their health and well-being.

However, can they deliver to their promise?

The aim of this workgroup is to help advance and standardize Digital Health technologies.