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Enabling Boundaryless Information Flow™

Empowering Your Business 

This event will explore how new IT trends are empowering improvements in business and facilitating enterprise transformation. The modern enterprise has moved beyond the point where information technology merely supports or enables the business, increasingly information technology is the business.

Information itself cannot create business success and competitive advantage. There is a requirement for the integration of the information, and integrated access to that information within a defined infrastructure and architecture.  An infrastructure that provides Boundaryless Information Flow™ has open standard components that combine multiple sources of information and enable the secure delivery of information whenever and wherever it is needed, in the right context for the people or systems using that information.

Objectives Include:

  • Show the need for Boundaryless Information Flow™, which would result in more interoperable, real-time business processes that span throughout all business ecosystems.
  • Examine the use of developing technology such as big data and advanced data analytics in the financial services sector: to minimize risk, provide more customer centric products and identify new market opportunities.
  • Provide high-level view of the Healthcare ecosystem that identifies entities and stakeholders which must collaborate to enable the vision of Boundaryless Information Flow.
  • Examine how the growth of “The Internet of Things” with online currencies and mobile-enabled transactions has changed the face of financial services, and poses new threats and opportunities.
  • Outline some of the technological imperatives for Healthcare providers, with the use of Open Platform 3.0™ to enable products and services to work together and deploy emerging technologies freely and in combination.
  • Describe how to develop better interoperability and communication across organizational boundaries and pursue global standards for Enterprise Architecture that are highly relevant to all industries.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Learn how industries in the financial and Healthcare sectors have faced transformation and relied on Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF® to manage that process and make it something that’s standardized, understood and repeatable.
  • Explore the business impact of emerging technologies, in particular, cloud, social, mobile, big data, and the Internet of Things.
  • Identify how organizations can achieve their business objectives by adopting new technologies and processes as part of the Enterprise Transformation management principles – making the whole process more a matter of design than of chance
  • Thought leaders at this event will share how they have been looking at IT trends, capabilities and global interoperability, which will lead to improvement for more responsiveness and efficiency.

General Sessions

Monday, October 20

Financial Services
Professional Development


Tuesday, October 21

Business Transformation
Open Platform 3.0
















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