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  • Open Group members span all sectors of the IT community and include some of the largest and most influential organizations in the world.
  • The flexible structure of Open Group membership allows for any organization, regardless of size, to join and have a voice in influencing new methods and approaches aimed at achieving Boundaryless Information Flow™.
  • All members benefit from working together on best practices, getting early access to new ideas, technologies and standards, and networking with other Open Group members.
  • Collectively, Open Group members form a global network of influential organizations developing best business practices and standards in key areas such as
    • IT architecture
    • security
    • cloud computing
    • identity management
    • service-oriented architecture (SOA)
    • application integration.
  • Membership is open to organizations of any size and type, including
    • large enterprises
    • small companies
    • government organizations
    • universities
    • consortia.
  • Large organizations benefit from the wide range of topics offered by The Open Group as well as exposure to the latest innovations being offered by smaller, earlier-stage companies.
  • Small-to-mid-sized organizations and individual departments within large corporation benefit from the depth and breadth of The Open Group’s core work areas and forums.