Existing Accredited Training Course: Add a course

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These instructions are meant for training organizations who already have a course accredited by The Open Group and wish to submit another one for accreditation.

Please read the Course Naming Guidelines prior to start the process.

Please use the Training Course Application Form Word Document to keep track of your application and include it with your submission after having followed the steps below.

Step 1: Ensure you have a valid Commercial License for the applicable standard. In case you don't have a Commercial License yet, please contact memberservices(at)opengroup.org.

For further information please refer to: ArchiMate® Commercial License | IT4IT™ Commercial License | Open FAIR™ Commercial License PDF Document | TOGAF® Commercial License

Adding a second or third accredited course, you may want to become a Member or upgrade your membership.

Step 2: Download, print, sign, and send the following schedules for each course you wish to add to The Open Group: Add a course legal documents (zip file)

Step 3: Prepare an Accreditation Package for each training course you wish to have accredited:

Step 4: When you have completed the above steps, please notify the Certification Authority.

Please raise a ticket to atc-support(at)opengroup.org. The supporting documents can be uploaded on to your folder.

Step 5: Pay the accreditation fees in the Shop at https://shop.opengroup.org/acc-fee

Description Fee
Fee to add a course in one language and with one delivery method. US $2,500 per annum
Fee for each additional course materials language added to a course accreditation. US $1,800 per annum*
Fee for each additional delivery method added to a course accreditation. US $1,200 per annum*

*Pro-rated in the first year to synchronize with the anniversary date of accreditation of the course to which it is tied.

Accreditation fees do not include the commercial license fee.

If you need help determining the correct fee amount or would like request an invoice, contact the Certification Authority.

Certification Authority Actions:

The Certification Authority will check to ensure that all required legal agreements are fully executed, fees have been paid, and all submitted documents are acceptable. The Certification Authority will check that the course name is acceptable. The Certification Authority will then have an assessor perform an assessment of your Accreditation Package. The assessor may contact you with questions during the assessment. The Certification Authority will inform you of the outcome of the accreditation process.

Once your training course is accredited, it will be added to the Accredited Course Register. You will then be able to train students to prepare them for the program examination and certification.

For any inquiry, please send an email to atc-support(at)opengroup.org.