The Open Group IT4IT Forum Roadmap

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IT4IT Technical Standard ("next")

Develop Develop Develop Review Review

Harmonization Work Group: ArchiMate Model of IT4IT

Develop Develop Review Pubish  

IT4IT Corrigendum release

  Develop Review Publish  

IT4IT Conformance Requirements for People Founcation Certification (Level 1)("next")

    Develop Review Review

People Certification ("next")

      Develop Develop

 Tool Certification 

      Develop Develop

Using the TOGAF & IT4IT Standards Together white paper

Review  Publish      

Scenario: ArchiSurance Consolidation of Service Request Portals using the ArchiMate and IT4IT Standards

Develop Review  Publish    

VeriSM + IT4IT positioning document

Develop Review  Publish    

SAFe + IT4IT positioning document

  Develop Review & Publish    

Interoperability Model white paper

Develop Develop Review  Publish  

Service Model Management white paper

Review Publish      

Service Brokering and the IT4IT standard white paper

Develop Review Publish    

Using IT4IT and ITIL together: PPT, white paper, 1-page overview

Develop Review  Publish    
How Does IT Deliver Business Value white paper Publish        
How Does the IT4IT Standard Provide Business Value Operationally white paper Publish        
Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)Supporting Activity white paper Develop Review Publish    
Guide to the Intelligence & Reporting Supporting Activity of the IT4IT Standard Develop Review Publish