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Open Group Staff Role and Function

The Open Group staff has unparallel expertise in the collaboration and standards development process, including delivery and  market uptake.

This activity manifests itself primarily in the facilitation of

  • the collaborative process, and
  • delivery of specific member activities, acting as Forum directors and Work Group leads who coordinate the activities of these bodies and help ensure they deliver on agreed targets.

They also help implement and manage The Open Group’s

The Open Group Events

The primary role of The Open Group is the proliferation of open standards and best practices. One of the ways it does this is by cross-fertilizing the work done by other market-leading enterprises, including their experiences and lessons learnt, so other organizations can more effectively implement complex IT projects using open standards to achieve real business benefits. To enable this high-level exchange of information and expertise The Open Group organizes a range of events that provide a broad range of opportunities to learn from industry experts and thought leaders. These include:

    The Open Group Announces Availability of TOGAF™ Certification in Chinese


    Popular EA Framework and Pocket Guide Translated into Chinese Language to Promote Global Adoption 




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